Tefftastic featured on FoodProcessing.com

Tefftastic Puffs were recently featured on FoodProcessing.com in an article, Are Consumers Confused About Whole Grain Nutrition?

From the article:

Today’s shoppers know that whole grains are healthful and they want to consume more of them, according to the International Food Information Council’s 2020 Food & Health Survey. Nearly four out of five consumers identify whole grains as healthful and more than half of shoppers try to consume fiber.
New Tefftastic Puffs hold the title of being the only 100% teff snack on the market. Created by an Ethiopian entrepreneur, Tefftastic Puffs are made in small batches from pure stone-ground black teff, a gluten-free ancient grain.

Read the full article at FoodProcessing.com 

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