Our Story

Tefftastic is an entire brand crafted in and around teff -
the gluten free superfood that is Ethiopia's gift to the world.

TeffTastic was born from our dream to create a convenient new platform on which we could share the amazing tastes and health benefits of Teff, Ethiopia’s superfood, alongside the incredible flavors of the Ethiopian foods we grew up with.
Our mission? It’s simple: to make you Feel Tefftastic! That’s our way of describing how you feel when you eat our food + snacks and how amazingly energized it makes you feel long after you have finished!

By innovating new, delicious and easy to eat formats of teff + combining them with authentic Ethiopian flavors, we have expanded the boundaries and the possibilities for enjoying Ethiopian food, widening the pleasure and benefits of eating this amazing superfood. Its an experience captured by our tagline FEEL TeffTastic!
Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu, Tefftastic founder

Spice: The Backbone of Food in Ethiopia

The backbone of food in Ethiopia is our spices. Harvested by hand, sorted and mixed by hand, and then stone-ground by hand, our spices bring multi-dimensional flavor like no other!

Step One

Harvesting the teff: 100% of our Organic Black Ethiopian Teff is traceable back to the region it came from


Step Two

Harvesting and selecting our spices


Step Three

Handcrafting our Spices

Our Tefftastic foods and snacks are the only ones which use 100% organic Ethiopian black teff, the most nutritious form of teff on the planet!
We also take great pride in following Ethiopian traditions to ensure our food is packed with flavor, freshness and nutrition.
We use only the finest ingredients and we always use our own in-house freshly made spices.
And as the first Origin Trade food company on the planet, we are creating a new paradigm in value for Ethiopia, Ethiopian farmers and the Ethiopian economy.

Our Logo

Our logo fuses two EXTRAORDINARILY ETHIOPIAN Concepts: The LION, a powerful + eternal symbol linked to Ethiopia has assumed a new creative incarnation as we have rendered it with art inspired by the MURSI tribe of southern Ethiopia, whose body art is as creative and powerful as it is inspiring!
It is the perfect complement to our goal, which is to inspire and energize people around the world  with our incredibly innovative presentation of Ethiopia’s birthright and the planet’s most potent SUPER FOOD – teff.